Free Exam in May for Melanoma Awareness Month

Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 7:17 pm , Category: Skin Care


As you know, my posts are typically dappled with humor, but not this time.

Melanoma can be deadly, so early detection and treatment is essential. Melanoma can begin in an existing mole or it can develop suddenly. At times, some consider these skin lesions to be “beauty marks” and therefore never seek medical attention for them, while in reality it may be a mark of serious medical concern.

During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we would really like to stress the importance of being able to spot the initial signs of melanoma as soon as possible

The evolution of your mole(s) has become the most important factor to consider when it comes to diagnosing a melanoma. Knowing what is normal for YOU could save your life. If a mole has gone through recent changes in color and/or size, bring it to the attention of a skin care expert immediately.
While examining your moles for a possible melanoma, follow the “ABCDE” rule for diagnosing melanoma:

  • A stands for asymmetry. This is when one side of the mole looks different than the other
  • B stands for border. Melanomas have uneven borders or edges that are irregular
  • C stands for color. Melanomas have uneven coloring
  • D stands for diameter; usually more than one-quarter inch (6 mm) across, but can be smaller
  • E stands for evolving. Melanomas usually change in size, shape, or color

We can use this month to raise awareness about skin cancer and help people take action to prevent or detect it, both at home and in the community.
I am hoping to make an impact, as this hits home. Our dear friend, Mike, lost his amazing and beautiful wife to Melanoma. :(

(Mike & the late Amanda Brown)
mike and amanda brown

After watching the gut-wrenching pain Amanda endured, our friend made it his life mission to save others. As a tribute to his wife, Mike has written a book, and traveled all over the United States teaching children early on to be aware of this deadly beauty mark. Now, he is in the midst of making a documentary for others to see the gripping effects of this horrible fate.

I am personally asking you to help with early melanoma detection. Please watch this 4 minute video about Amanda, and if this speaks to your heart, I ask you to share…anything is helpful!

Secondly, please don’t become a statistic! CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY at 310.827.2653 and during the month of May, we will offer you FREE appointment with one of our Physician Extenders, (Cory, Carla or Jennifer) for a full body skin exam. (Normally $175)

I hope to save a life.

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