Myth Busters: Breast Augmentation

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 3:49 pm , Category: Breast Enhancement,Breast Enlargement,Featured,Plastic Surgery


Over the years, I’ve come across a lot of info about breast augmentation – some accurate and some just completely untrue. Because of all of the misinformation floating around the Internet, let’s tackle some of the big myths out there.

  1. There is one “best” incision method. While women may have a preference, incisions are not “one size fits all.” What is good for one woman may not be for another, so it is best to discuss with your surgeon your preferences when going through your options.
  2. Any surgeon can perform breast augmentation. Breast augmentation may be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but some surgeons are more qualified and experienced in the procedure. Choose wisely.
  3. Cup size is an accurate measurement of the breast. Actually, cup size should not be used as an indicator for breast size because different bra manufacturers will size their bras differently. For implants, cc’s (cubic centimeters) are a better measurement.

What do you think…what misinformation have you seen about breast surgery on the Internet? I want to hear from some of our Los Angeles plastic surgery patients!

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