Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 at 6:18 pm , Category: Featured,Plastic Surgeon


Hi Charlie,

I just got engaged recently, and am very excited about the wedding. However, I am self-conscious about a few aspects of my body, and was wondering if it is a smart idea to receive plastic surgery before “the big day.” My wedding isn’t for another 6 months, so I’d like to get your opinion on pre-wedding plastic surgery.

Thank you,


Dear Megan,

First of all, congratulations! Thank you for bringing up this question, as I’ve been asked this a lot recently as we are getting into “wedding season.” Every bride-to-be wants to look and feel her best on that special day…and a plastic surgery procedure may help increase her confidence. Some popular procedures women consider before their wedding include liposuction, body contouring, and breast enhancement.

When consulting with a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles before your wedding, be sure to ask about the amount of time needed to heal and recover after your procedure. As long as there is enough time to make a full recovery before the wedding, I believe that plastic surgery can provide beautiful results for years to come.

For women who want something less invasive, they can turn to non-surgical options such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or injectable fillers. These products can help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines temporarily, which is why they also can be an excellent option for women hoping to look their best on their wedding day.



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