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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 at 10:00 am , Category: Featured,Neck Lift


As it is with anything you invest heavily in, it’s “all about the experience”.

A new car, a new home, or a fine piece of art, these are all big ticket items, that when bought, stir up feelings within us that makes that ‘shopping-and-buying-experience’, exhilarating! But, these are only inanimate things, and I always say, “Nothing really matters unless it has a heartbeat”. For example, it wasn’t your grandma’s actual brick-and-mortar home during the holidays that was so intoxicating; it was the experience within those 4 walls that left you with a plethora of feel-good emotions.

The same is true when you invest in yourself. As a society, especially in today’s fast paced ‘SnapChat lifestyle’, we often overlook THE most priceless asset of all…ourselves. Helping to achieve our BEST self, and the feelings that looking good evokes within us, make us feel more alive, happier and more present in the moment. There have even been medical studies to prove this.

Meet Stefanie. She stirred up something inside of me. Much of her concerns were similar to mine, and quite simply, I could relate to her. Stefanie felt it was time to work on herself. She dreaded the physical aspect of the aging process, as it didn’t match the youthful and playful person she is inside. She would walk past a mirror, yet catch a glimpse of her mother. So Stefanie met with Dr. Grant Stevens, who suggested a face and neck lift, to be followed up with “icing on the cake” (IOC). IOC is the term that Dr. Grant Stevens coined, which describes in-office laser treatments that treat skin issues (for clarity, texture and color). Let’s face it, even when skin is lifted, surgery alone doesn’t repair years of spots and skin damage from the sun.

After any face lift, additional skin-improvement treatments are typically needed for the patient’s best outcome, and in our practice, they don’t come at an additional cost. We find this final step essential; In essence, IOC takes a good result…to a spectacular one! We want every surgery patient to get the highest return on their investment, and a quick glance at Stefanie’s before-and-after picture ensures we did just that :)

Stefanie Side

…Mother just became daughter again!

So, if you feel “ahead of your time” so to speak, be sure to make the most from your plastic surgery experience. Go on, invest in yourself, the payoff will be priceless.

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