Giddy Never Felt So Good!

Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 3:22 pm , Category: Featured,Vaginal Rejuvenation


It was a typical Friday. Or so I thought. I arrived at work, and immediately stepped into my normal routine. I was ready to take on my day, when suddenly my assistant walked in, well actually floated in, with the biggest smile on her face. Now I know Fridays can make us all excited, but I caught a glimpse of sheer giddiness on her face. Nonetheless, I carried on at the office and it quickly became business-as-usual. Or so I thought. I began to greet more staff with the normal work salutations. “Good morning”, I’d say to each of my gals as I crossed paths in the hallway. Instead of the kindhearted nods or gracious acknowledgements I would normally be met with, I was struck by how they were all practically biting their lips with what seemed like a Cheshire-cat’s secret. I was struck by the fact that they must all know something I didn’t. In fact, they all seemed to possess an unusual glow and confidence. It crossed my mind that perhaps our Botox rep had treated them all to a New Year’s gift without my knowing. But that couldn’t be it – this seemed more personal, as if they knew something I did not, and clearly all were busting at the seams with some sort of revelation.

Within minutes, I headed to the staff lounge, and could hear a slight buzz in the air, far more intoxicating then the dreamy smell of morning coffee. Amidst a few giggles and laughter, I decided to simply credit this contagious euphoria as the normal “Friday exuberance ‘for being the end of a work week – either that or these gals unanimously decided they were suddenly full of gratitude for their jobs, and so, I relished getting to be the boss of such gracious employees. Well, not exactly. Nice try Charlie.

Truth be told, they were exchanging stories about their ‘spectacular night’ and their umm, ‘new-and- improved lady parts’. Aha! It wasn’t the Botox rep at all! I suddenly recalled that we had a staff in-service from our new “Vaginal Rejuvenation Rep” the day prior. So why all the giddiness? Well, apparently, this treatment REALLY worked. Trust me, their passion and enthusiasm was palpable. All these women spoke about their immediate increased satisfaction- and, thank-you-very-much, their partner’s satisfaction too. Some spoke about their concerns with vaginal laxity after childbirth. (A major contributor to incontinence). And as they laughed and shared, not a single one had that embarrassing leak following a belly laugh or a sneeze. I was in fact witnessing first hand, my very own staff’s purest testimonial for this amazing service. What made this unique? The fact that we had just taken ownership of this new Radio-Frequency device and my employees became the nation’s first recipients of this improved vaginal rejuvenation technology. All of them experienced heightened satisfaction … and I was clearly hearing and seeing the, shall we say, ‘after-glow’? Okay, staff perks just took on a whole new meaning, ha!

So, how could I resist not sharing this with you?! This experience made me feel compelled to remind you all that we offer very effective non-surgical treatments for women’s health and wellness – and clearly, this was a big one. With one simple, safe, and short session, (with a female provider) women can now feel restored and renewed.

How ironic – I had just watched an episode of The Real Housewives last week as they were chatting it up about seeking out this treatment… probably scripted for sensationalism, (no pun intended). But Reality TV has nothing on us, this script was the real deal – just ask my staff!

~ Charlie Sheridan

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