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Did you ever wonder why men seem to age “more gracefully” than women? Well, studies have shown that one likely explanation is that when men shave their faces, it is actually providing a secret beauty routine! Shaving actually wards off wrinkles, exfoliates and thickens the skin, and even stimulates collagen, leaving a soft, smooth and luminous glow.

So, this month I decided to share about….wait for it — shaving your face as one of THE best kept Hollywood secrets of all times. As media often illustrates, celebs are always sporting flawless complexions, in part because of their good genes, and partly because of some very well-kept industry secrets. Shaving is one of them— and I’ll bet that if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve seen the results. But where does that leave us gals? Well, I’m all for equal rights (lol) and so I say “we can too”…But let’s call it by a kinder, gentler name: Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective treatment that provides a deep exfoliation of the face and removes the old, dead outer skin, and vellus hairs. But before you grab your Gillettes and start lathering your faces, allow me to explain exactly HOW this technique should be properly carried out. No, it is not an actual razor that is used… it’s a scalpel (okay, I’m confident that I have your attention now).

When performed by a medical professional, Dermaplaning is safe and effective, and in fact is done every day in our office by our 3 Master Medical Aestheticians, Rachael, Ann & Paulette. (For optimal results, you should have this done once a month). Basically, these skilled and licensed professionals will gently scrape the surface of your skin with a specialized scalpel, using light, feathering strokes. To top it all off, we then offer an array of hydrating serums, AHAs, or other boosters that will immediately penetrate (much deeper now with all that old dead skin gone). Last step: a dollop of moisturizer and sunscreen, and voila! You’ll now be sporting a super fresh face that will leave even the local barber shop envious.

I know this all sounds strange; after all, we were taught early on that shaving your legs makes the hair grow back thicker and darker. Or does it? Well, no, that theory is false because you aren’t messing with the follicle itself, which means your hair will grow at the same rate, width, and texture as before. Facial hairs cannot get thicker or darker; they’re naturally soft and silky. By removing the fine hairs on your face, you’ll also see your own beauty products will sink in deeper and faster. Not to mention, your makeup will also glide on smoother too!

Best of all, everyone can benefit, men, women and adolescents, as this treatment is excellent for all skin types and even those with skin sensitivities…goodness, it’s even safe for pregnant women! Recovery? None; you may have some redness after the treatment but it will be gone that same day. So, if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to boost your complexion, consider Dermaplaning. You’ll have nothing to lose but unwanted icky dead skin!

Warning: Don’t try this at home (with your kitchen knife) :)

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