Plastic Surgery for Children?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 5:15 pm , Category: Facial Surgery,Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)


In the United States, plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty in Los Angeles are fairly common among people under 20, and according a recent article, the same is apparently true for Germany. The Association of German Plastic Surgeons reported that roughly 1/10 of all cosmetic procedures are performed on people under 20. This statistic is causing much debate among Germany’s conservative union parties who want to ban cosmetic surgery for minors unless it is medically necessary. The question now is: should there be a minimum age requirement for cosmetic surgery?

As the medical director for Marina Plastic Surgery, I do agree that it’s important for patients under 18 to have their parent’s approval. However, I also know that a patient’s age is not always indicative of their maturity level or readiness for surgery. For instance, there are cases in which a person is legally “old enough” for surgery but they are not emotionally ready to make such an important decision. Similarly, many teenage patients may be considered too young to make a well-informed choice but they are in fact very responsible and emotionally developed. For this reason, being educated about the benefits and risks of surgery and also having realistic expectations about the results is often more important than a person’s actual age.

Every patient, regardless of age, must be aware of the advantages and drawbacks of surgery. They must also understand that surgery is a personal decision and that cosmetic enhancement should not be chosen to please someone else. An individual’s physical, mental, and emotional state must all be balanced before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Once this stability is established, then surgery becomes an option.

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