Understanding Nipple Correction

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Dear Charlie,

I have an embarrassing problem: My nipples point inward, and I am very self-conscious about the way my breasts look. I finally got up my courage to do some research on it, and it sounds as if maybe plastic surgery could help? I’m hoping you can give me the inside story. Thanks,


Dear Maggie,

I admire your courage in seeking a solution to your inverted nipples. And I’ve got great news for you: We offer a procedure designed specifically to help correct concerns such as yours. It’s called nipple correction. Performed by one of our terrific plastic surgeons specializing in breast enhancement and breast augmentation in Los Angeles, the procedure is carefully designed to provide you with results you’ll love.

  • You’ll start by meeting with one of our surgeons, who will talk with you sensitively about this subject. Our surgical team has perfected a very successful method for correcting inverted nipples, and we’ll make sure you understand it fully so that you’ll feel comfortable and reassured about your decision.
  • The delicate procedure involves holding your nipples in the correct “everted” position, clipping the tiny fibers that caused the inversion, and using small sutures to hold your everted nipples in place. We even use a special device called the Stevens Stent, created by one of our plastic surgeons, Dr. Grant Stevens, to hold the nipples steady for a few days while you heal.
  • The stitches dissolve within 2 weeks, and the scars are almost invisible. All that’s left to do after you’ve healed is to enjoy the appearance of your new breasts.

Maggie, thank you so much for asking about this condition. I’m sure there are other women who share your questions, and I hope my response has helped them as well as you. Be sure to follow up and let me know what you decide to do.

Hugs, Charlie

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