Putting Mom First

Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 3:20 pm , Category: Body Contouring,Featured,Tummy Tuck


It’s hard enough for moms to remember what their lives were like before kids, let alone recall what their bodies looked like. But for moms who choose a Mommy Makeover (a procedure that combines breast surgery with a tummy tuck in Los Angeles), their pre-baby bodies are no longer a distant memory. They’re a reality.

This procedure has helped thousands of women by treating the areas of the body that are most affected by pregnancy. Sagging breasts are elevated and enhanced with a breast lift or breast implants; loose abdominal muscles are tightened with abdominoplasty; and small areas of extra fat are removed with liposuction. The result is a leaner, more youthful looking body and a more confident mom.

So what’s the issue?

For many moms, one of the biggest issues is being able to put themselves first. After spending so much time taking care of their families, women often say they feel “selfish” for wanting to improve their bodies. They are also worried about the time away from work and their children as they recover from surgery.

These are all understandable concerns. Every mom wants to put her child first; it’s instinctive. However, there’s also truth to the phrase, “If Mom’s not happy, no one’s happy.”

If you are unhappy with the way you look, it can affect your entire family. A woman who feels powerful, beautiful and confident will have much more energy and positivity to give to her partner and children. On the other hand, a woman who feels self-conscious, embarrassed and insecure will exude a much different energy, which will affect family members in a variety of different ways.

There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first if you’re a mom. By taking care of yourself, you have more strength and energy to take care of others. Besides, doesn’t every mom deserve to feel as beautiful and radiant as she truly is?

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