Leaning Towards Liposuction?

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 at 3:51 pm , Category: Body Contouring,Featured,Liposuction


Frustrated with fat deposits on your hips? Loathe your love handles? Troubled by that tummy bulge? If you diet and exercise faithfully but have those areas of fat that just won't budge, you may be wondering if liposuction in Los Angeles can fit into your busy lifestyle.

Here's the skinny to help you decide if liposuction might be right for you:

  • Liposuction usually does not require multiple surgeries or lots of downtime. Like many of us in Southern California, you've probably got a jam-packed schedule of commitments and “to-do” lists. Our plastic surgeons and staff are experienced at listening to you and working with you to schedule a procedure that fits your lifestyle.
  • Liposuction offers a speedy recovery. In contrast to a tummy tuck, which involves removing excess skin and tightening lax stomach muscles, liposuction is designed specifically to target small areas of excess fat. Most liposuction patients can return to their normal activities fairly quickly.
  • Liposuction permanently removes fat in the area treated. You don't need to keep returning every few months to maintain your new appearance. It is, however, essential to stay at or near your current weight and exercise regularly. By following those simple guidelines, you can maintain your slimmer silhouette.

We also offer a wide range of different types of liposuction. Your surgeon will explain your options and help you choose the approach that's right for your specific concerns and goals.

What do you think? Have you considered liposuction?

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